About Me

When I first heard about blogging I thought WOW I gotta do that! But that little voice inside kept finding reasons not to start, “ I’m not famous, nobody cares about what I have to say, yada, yada that is until the big voice inside screamed “ WTH JUST TRY IT” So I’m trying it and although my blog is fairly new I find it exhilarating and fun. If you’re reading this and think you also want to blog but are listening to the little voice inside that’s trying to discourage you I really got to say “WTH JUST TRY IT”

I now live a 1960’s Southern California Condo which was the catalyst for getting serious about reorganizing and downsizing my belongings. I adore cooking and wish I had more time to bake, broil, sauté and slow cook but for now,I’m happy that at least have the weekends and holidays to strut my cooking prowess. In the evening after my 7-5 gig (yes that’s a 7, I curl up and pour over pinterest, twitter, fashion and cooking blogs and magazines for my inspiration. My husband joke’s that “it’s time to grab the Cabernet and read my stories”.

I consider myself to be a modern minimalist , hence the blog name. What does that mean you ask, being a modern minimalist is simply about having enough and having the best you can afford and editing your belongings so everything you come in contact with is useful, beautiful and makes you feel great. I think most every woman has the one dress or outfit that when they put it on all of the sudden you stand a little taller and walk with confidence, your smile is a bit brighter. The Beauty and Fashion section of my blog is for everyone that is trying to simplify their beauty routine and turn every outfit into one that feels perfect.

Modern Minimalism is about walking into your kitchen and all of the sudden your meal prep turns into a scene from the Bowl-Shoi Ballet, every item in your cabinets and drawers is beautiful designed and has a useful purpose. If you don’t particularly enjoy the art of cooking maybe you won’t understand the ballet reference, but trust me it feels good to dance around your kitchen and when the music stops you present a simple delicious meal. The Cups Kitchen section of my blog is all about the kitchen and how to cook in and organize your small kitchen.

Modern Minimalism is also about my surrounding being aesthetically pleasing. To some, it may mean a comfy overstuffed sofa with lots of pillows, book’s and family photos placed on tables, to others it’s the clean lines of a Herman Miller sofa with one perfect piece of art in a room with hardwood floors. It’s all about what makes YOU happy and inspires you to be creative and live a thoughtful life. For me I’m somewhere in the middle, I have photos and books around and I’ll confess I have about 50 Martha Stewart Living Magazines tucked away, but when I need a little inspiration I pull them out and spend a lazy afternoon pouring through the pages and it make me happy.


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