A Well Stocked Pantry For A Small Kitchen

A Well Stocked Pantry For A Small Kitchen


One of the first steps in creating a minimalist kitchen is creating a well stocked pantry which includes only items that you use in your everyday cooking. With the right pantry staples you can easily cook up a pot of Red Beans and Rice or a Puttanesca Sauce with ease, no refrigerated goods needed. There are countless well written articles on what to have in your pantry, however the bottom line is that a well stocked pantry is only well stocked if it includes the items you use for your cooking style. When I finally cleaned out my pantry I threw or gave away a lot of specialty items I had picked up in places like TJ Maxx, Cost Plus, etc thinking one day I might use it in  a special dish.  As long as my pantry is stocked all I need to do is make a quick stop at the grocery store and pick up a piece of meat or fish and a couple veggies.  I generally prepare simple meals, lots of pasta , rice and fish dishes.  With the ingredients kept in my pantry I can pretty easily whip up a honey mustard sauce for  chicken or simple vinaigrette.  I mostly prefer foods on the lighter side except during Fall/Winter when nothing beats chicken and dumplings, chili or a nice pot roast. My pantry includes the following items:

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Basic Pantry

Beans-canned: Kidney, Black and Refried
Beans-dried: 15 Bean Soup Mix and Split Peas
Chicken Broth – ( if you’re so inclined ,make your own and freeze for future use)
Chicken Soup- (you never know when a Cold will come one)
Chili Jalapeno’s
Crackers: Club, Trader Joe’s Fig and Saltines
Honey: Savannah Bee Tupelo
Jam: Bon Marman Strawberry, Raspberry and Wienke’s Strawberry Rhubarb
Mac N Cheese: Cracker Barrel
Marinara Sauce: Victoria’s (add some cooked ground beef and you have a quick and easy meat sauce)
Olive: Diced Kalamata
Pasta : Spaghetti and Penne
Peanut butter
Real Maple syrup
Rice: Lundgrens long grain and Arborio for risotto
Sauerkraut: Bubbies (needs refrigeration but has a very long shelf life)
Tomatoes: Organic Muir Glen Diced, Diced Plum, RO*TEL
Tomato Paste in Tube
Garlic Paste in Tube

Condiments and Sauces

A-1 Steak
Mayonnaise: Best Foods small glass jar
Mustard : Dijon, Yellow, Horseradish and Deli
Salsa-Casa Martinez Chipolte
Sea Salt-Baliene
Soy Sauce

Canned Meats

Tuna: Genoa Tonno and Italian brand As do Mar
Salmon : Trader Joes Pink

Oil and Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil-Lucinni
Vegetable Oil

Baking Ingredients

Flour : King Arthur Unbleached
Brown Sugar
Granulated Sugar
Lavender Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Baking Soda
Baking Powder: Alsa in individual packs
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice,
Vanilla Extract
Lemon Extract
Almond Paste
Chocolate chips
Cornbread Mix
Cake Mix- Duncan Hines
Pudding Mix – Vanilla, Lemon and Chocolate – I use these mainly for adding to the cake mix.
Evaporated milk
Cocoa Powder
Graham Crackers
Fruit Filings : Cherry


Wine: small bottles for cooking and a few larger ones for drinking.
Liquor: small individual bottles of Brandy, Kahlua and Zambuca