Couponing for the Minimalist

Couponing for the Minimalist


Yes, you can both use coupons and employ a minimalist approach to couponing. No fancy binders or envelopes needed.  If I save $10 or $20 using coupons for items I buy anyway, well, then it’s a win.

My minimalist approach to shopping with coupons.

  • Make a list of the dishes you prepare at home and write down all the ingredients used in the preparation.
  • Make a list of all the paper goods and grooming product you use. And your preferred brands.
  • Previewing the Sunday coupon inserts online will save you time on the coupon clipping service since you will know exactly what coupon you want.
  • Grab a cup of coffee or tea and start searching the coupon clipping sites. You will most likely use multiple coupons for one item and buying multiple papers is both wasteful and expensive. Most of these site charge only pennies for the service.

I personally use, however there are many other reputable companies.  If you use the link above and make  a purchase I’ll receive a small commission.  Than you in  advance for your support.

Free Printable Coupons:

Red Plum Printable Coupons

P & G Free Printable Coupons


When you find a coupon for a your preferred brand, clip only the coupons you will use by the coupons expiration date. I use at least 12 can of Glen Muir Organic Diced tomatoes in a six-month period, so I’ll buy 12 coupons and wait for a sale, then stock up.

In my area, I’ve noticed that sale cycles are anywhere from three to six months.

Wishing you happy ,simple, and healthy couponing!