How to Quick Peel Garlic

How to Quick Peel Garlic


I use a lot of garlic and tried many different ways to peel fresh cloves. The best method I’ve found to date is microwaving the cloves for 10-20 second to loosen the skin and just pop the clove out easily.
Step 1: cut off the tip of the clove, not the pointy end but the end that holds the clove on the bulb.
Step 2: place cloves on a microwavable plate and microwave for 10-20 seconds, this loosens the skin of the clove.
Step 3: remove from microwave and gently push the warm clove out of the skin.
Step 4: let the clove cool down before chopping or pressing.

If you press the garlic when it’s warm it comes out of the press in strings and mincing while warm just results in mush.

Some garlic presses will press garlic with the skins still on, I don’t use these anymore because I don’t like cleaning the press.

IMPORTANT: Always check that the garlic is not too hot to safely handle so you don’t burn yourself.

I’ve noticed that once I hear the skin crackle it’s ready to peel, this usually takes anywhere from 10-20 seconds depending on how may cloves I’m using. My microwave is a 700 Watt so yours may take less time.