Quick Cooking Tips

Quick Tip 1:No More Soggy Rice

Fold a kitchen towel and place between the lid and the pot. When the rice steams, the condensation is absorbed in the towel and won’t drip back into the rice. The rice will cook in the normal amount of time.

Quick Tip 2:Tenderizing Meat

Purchase a rubber mallet, and you can also use it to break apart frozen foods and ice, a real multi-tasker in the kitchen.

Quick Tip 3:Slicing Strawberries

The quick and simple way to get evenly sliced strawberries, use an egg slicer. Place the strawberry in the egg slicer and slice just the way you would slice a hard-boiled egg.

Quick Tip 4:Browning Meat

Meat will brown better if you blot out the moisture with a paper towel

Quick Tip 5:No More Messy Meatloaf Mixing

I love meatloaf; I hate mixing with my hands. To get around getting my hands yucky, I put all the ingredients into a large thick Ziploc bag and knead the bag until the ingredients are sufficiently mixed.

Quick Tip 6:Quick Peel Garlic

Place cloves or even the whole bulb on a microwave-safe dish and microwave for 10-20 seconds depending on how garlic you’re working with. The garlic cloves will easily slide or pop out of their skins. Take care because the cloves will be hot.