Starting my Blog and a few things I learned along the way

Starting my Blog and a few things I learned along the way

I want to share a few things I learned when starting my blog.  Do some research and planning before you jump into  setting up a blog.

Define Your Blog

Identify what your blog will be about, this sounds simple, but it’s not, during the process of setting up your blog you may change focus once or twice, I know I did. At first, I wanted a general lifestyle blog. The time challenges made that near impossible to complete, so I focused on a niche market. The Urban Kitten is a financial blog and discusses ways to save money, be responsible with money and also touches on a secret passion I have for prepping in an apartment. The Modern Minimalist started out as a general blog about minimalism; I switched my focus when I found it increasingly difficult to write. When I switched to a food focus, it really came naturally, I love everything food and have no difficulty in finding articles or recipes to write or share.

The one constant hurdle is not enough time, but since I blog about things I love, I have no problem spending the entire weekend just working on my blog. The take away from this is to blog about what interests you and don’t become discourage  about other blogs that may have the same or similar focus.

Name Your Blog

Now that you have a good idea of what your blog will be about, the fun start! Put a lot of thought into the blog name. Is it easy to read, easy to say, easy to type and is the name descriptive? A couple of blog names I love are “Smitten Kitchn”, “Pinch of Yum”, and “Minimalist Baker”, you know these are food blogs just by the name. These names are descriptive and creative and also excellent blogs.You’ve decided on a blog name, now do a little research on the name.

Buy Your Domain and Set Social Media Accounts

It’s best to buy your domain and set up your social media accounts at the same time, so you won’t risk your chosen name is taken by someone else. Also, complete a quick trademark search for your blog name, you may want to apply for a trademark after your blog is up and running

Look up your name on a site like It’s a great website and will show if your chosen name is available on social media as well as the domain name availability. Unfortunately I did not think to check on social media accounts when setting up my blog, so for The Modern Minimalist, my social media name is TheMinimalMuse. I learned my lesson with The Urban Kitten, my website and social media accounts are the same name.

Set up your social media accounts and purchase your domain name. No pressure to use the accounts immediately, however, you should lock in the name for future use.

Designing Your Blog

Start thinking about how you want to design your site. Create a mock-up homepage and make notes on how you want the information to link together. Considering setting up a local WordPress site on your desktop so you can play around with the design without having a host service. Alternately you can quickly set up cheap hosting and tinker around by having everything private until you’re ready to launch your blog. If you decide to set up the web hosting while designing your blog make sure the web host you selected has an acceptable plan to upgrade to at a later date.

Selecting a Web Hosting Service

I use both Dreamhost and Bluehost ,both have been great, and I can honestly recommend either one. I’ve also read good things about WPEngine so check them out.

I hope these tips will help you get a organized start to your blog.